Brexit or Bremain?

Should Britain leave the EU? This will be the subject of a referendum, perhaps next year. All responsible democrats will therefore need to start pondering how they will vote. The implications either way are probably pretty serious.

For many, the referendum will pose a straightforward question with an answer all ready on the shelf, the choice predetermined by ideology. On the one hand there are the eurosceptics (of left and right) who are quite convinced that Britain can quit the EU, reanimate its lost democracy (stolen by Brussels) and save billions of pounds in saved EU transfers and scrapped red tape without any detrimental effect on trade, jobs, workers’ rights or political influence in Europe and the world. On the other hand, there are the europhiles (of left and right) who believe withdrawal will result in a catastrophic loss of trade, progressive regulation and rule of law, jobs and global influence.

For us, the question is more perplexing and demands more thought. To this end, if any of our readers could help us in this endeavour by sharing their thoughts, we would be most grateful. Tell us what you think in the comments.


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