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It’s holiday season for us here at Negcap, but soon we will have for you an interview with one of our favourite political economists. It’s shaping up nicely. It will not be anything like what passes for economic commentary in the mainstream, but rather an in-depth discussion that goes to the root of capitalism’s eternal problem: the reproduction of the working class through the wage system. Also, a report from a Corbyn rally. This and much more soon. Stay tuned…



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We have for many months been pondering a return to social media. The againsts outweighed the fors. But we’ve changed our minds for two reasons. The first is Jeremy Corbyn. Twitter is pretty much essential for staying abreast of today’s political movements. The second is that, reading the “newspapers” today, it occurred to me that much of what I was reading was “reporting” of what had been said on social media. Let’s cut out the middlemen – not least because their reporting of Corbyn is so vile. Follow us on Twitter @stuartnegcap.

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After hundreds of books, and thousands of hours reading, thinking, writing and reflecting, it seems reasonable to conclude: we are not sure. The temerity of youth led us to many a bold conclusion along the way. But now, in the dawning of middle age, we surrender gracefully to “negative capability”. Not that there’s anything negative about it. It is a catharsis, a winning of freedom from internalised formulaic shibboleths. Our project has always been, and remains, the creation of a world fit for human beings to live in; the living of an honourable life. To explore what this might mean beyond the shibboleths is the aim of our new blog. Welcome!–Stuart&Dave

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“Man is the animal who weeps and laughs – and writes. If the first Prometheus brought fire from heaven in a fennel-stalk, the last will take it back – in a book.”

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